Our customers are small family businesses as well as major forest industry groups. Our customers use BoardMaster systems for green sorting, dry/final sorting, green and dry/final sorting in the same combiline and for edgers. Our systems have been delivered among other countries to Europe, Russia, North and South America, Australia, and New Zeeland.

Our biggest customers are Stora Enso, Metsä Wood, UPM Timber, Versowood, Setra Group, SCA, Keitele Timber, Södra Timber, Pölkky, Moelven, Bergene Holm, Arkaim and Norra Skogsägarna.

Some of our latest orders and deliveries:

Sandåsa Åkers, Sweden, BoardMasterNOVA, BoardMaster E1
Red October, Russia, BoardMasterNOVA, EndSpy
FLLC Swoods Export, Belarus, BoardMasterNOVA
Lesplitinvest, Russia, BoardMaster HDL
NK Lundströms, Sweden, BoardMasterNOVA
Multian Saha, Finland, BoardMaster HDL, MoistSpy
Lappi Timber, Finland, BoardMasterNOVA, MoistSpy
Versowood Hankasalmi, Finland, BoardMasterNOVA
Sandåsa Forssjö, Sweden, BoardMasterNOVA
Setra Nyby, Sweden, BoardMasterNOVA
Derome, Sweden, BoardMasterNOVA
Setra Färila, Sweden, BoardMasterNOVA
Vara Saeveski, Estonia, BoardMaster HDL

Articles about our reference installations:
Setra Skinnskatteberg BoardMaster FS4-140 HD (in German)
A/s Saldus MR BoardMaster GF4-120 HD (in German)

Videos our reference installations:
Arkaim, Russia


Vaagen Brothers, Coleville, USA