BoardMasterNOVA featured in Canadian article

23.09.2019 | News

Canadian Forest Industries shares the newest scanner and optimizer technology on the market and FinScan BoardMasterNOVA is on the first place of their list of scanners and optimizers.

BoardMasterNOVA is a non-turning auto-grading scanner for sawmills and planer mills. BoardMasterNOVA can provide a complete analysis of green and dry boards, performed in 10 different directions including accurate defect detection and reliable optimization results. It supports WWPA, NLGA and ALS grading rules for dimensional lumber, common grades, clear cut components and shop grade. BoardMasterNOVA has comprehensive graphical reporting tools for operators, production planners and top management. FinScan’s auto-grading systems can be easily installed in the existing or new grading lines.

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