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12.02.2020 | News

Considerably increased productivity

In 2015 Swedish sawmill NK Lundströms Trävaror made a big reconstruction and investment in their final sorting where they renewed the mechanical side completely and also invested in the automated grading system BoardMasterNOVA. The investment increased the sawmill’s capacity and improved quality, which in return has resulted in higher value yield. With BoardMaster NK Lundströms Trävaror is able to meet their customers’ needs even better.

“At the same time, we also invested in and implemented FinScan’s BoardMasterNova with a very satisfying result”, tells Peter Lundström, the CEO and owner of NK Lundströms Trävaror. “The biggest advantage with the scanning system is considerably increased productivity”, Lundström continues.

The third-generation family owned NK Lundströms sawmill is located outside the city of Umeå, in the county of Västerbotten in Sweden. The sawmill’s production consists of pine and spruce. One third of the production volume is further refined and that is where the sawmill has benefitted from their investment in FinScan’s BoardMasterNOVA grading system. The scanner enables the sawmill to pick out product-adapted qualities in the production.

NK Lundströms Trävarors investment in BoardMaster in their final sorting increased the sawmill’s capacity and improved quality, resulting in higher yield.

NK Lundströms’ investment in BoardMaster increased the sawmill’s capacity and improved quality, resulting in higher value yield.

“This investment has really increased our capacity. Naturally, with a precise scanning you get precise and shorter cut offs, increased average length and higher yield. The sorting quality is obviously also even from Monday morning to Friday evening”, says Lundström.

In addition to providing its customers a variety of services, FinScan also offers operator training, installation and support in all new installments as well as a continuous technical support. According to Lundström, the quality of training and support is very important to take into consideration when planning on investing in a grading system.

“One thing that is important to take into account before you decide to invest in a scanning system is the importance of getting proper education and support in the start-up phase and also service along the way, and here I can really recommend FinScan. We can call and get help basically at any time, so we are really satisfied with our co-operation”, Lundström says.

After installing BoardMasterNOVA in their sawmill the benefits of an automated grading system have become concrete and NK Lundströms Trävaror is even better equipped to meet the future, the changing markets and the needs of their customers.

“After working three years with BoardMasterNova and gained some perspective, we now really know that we have a more even and efficient quality towards our customers and also have a much bigger flexibility. Things change all the time but with this kind of system you can attune to the future and adjust to your customers’ demands and needs and, in that sense, we feel confident facing the future”, summarizes Lundström.

Watch also the reference video on NK Lundströms Trävaror and learn more about BoardMaster.


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