FinScan Rus offers visible advantage in grading from Leningrad to the Far East

26.11.2019 | News

Article by Eugene Holtz in

Visible advantage

The world’s leading developer and supplier of automated lumber sorting systems needs no further introduction. The Finnish technology company FinScan that was founded in 1988 delivers intelligent and effective grading systems to the sawmill industry. Their global operations stretch to 21 countries worldwide with over 400 reference installations. Today FinScan’s reliable scanner BoardMaster is used in sawmills throughout Russia, from the Leningrad region to the Far East.

In the spring of 2019, an important event for both the company and their Russian market took place – a subsidiary FinScan Rus was established in Petrozavodsk. The subsidiary is led by Sergey Kirilin, who has been working as an agent for FinScan for several years before taking on the role of CEO of FinScan Rus.

“Thanks to the Russian subsidiary being established, purchasing of the FinScan grading scanners and their spare parts has become much easier, as almost the entire range of spare parts is available in our warehouse in Russia. Russian-speaking specialists are at service for our customers making the customer service even more custom-oriented and convenient. And most importantly, now there is no need to engage in export: everything our Russian customers need can be bought here in Russia, at the same price.”

Speed and reliability in grading

“In addition to service and spare parts, we offer the FinScan turnkey product with customs clearance, delivery and installation. Of course, if someone wants to make the purchase and get the service from Finland, then this possibility still remains.”

– What are the deadlines for deliveries to Russia now?

“We guarantee that spare parts will be sent anywhere in the country within 24 hours. We are focused on speeding up service: if someone in Russia has something wrong with our equipment, we are ready to carry out service work as soon as possible, if necessary – to replace components or parts. Thanks to modern technical capabilities, our service engineer can remotely monitor the operation of the equipment and conduct a consultation at the request of our customer. Personal assistance is of course also available and our engineer will visit the sawmill personally when needed.”

– In the past, the use of automated grading scanners was mainly done by larger enterprises in the sawmill industry, is this trend now changing?

“Yes, we have customers with a capacity of 100 000 m³ of sawn lumber. There is a growing understanding among the sawmills that the effect of the use of automated scanners is so high that installing and using them becomes a necessity. The scanner allows you to work with a higher margin, and the economic effect is achieved not by reducing the staff previously used in manual sorting, but by increased quality of sorting. The scanner allows you to get a higher value yield with the highest price.”

“A person makes mistakes, gets tired and shows inattention. The scanner is devoid of these flaws, its performance is higher, and the quality of work does not depend on the time of day. It is recorded in our contracts that the scanner allows you to get 96% of the useful output of products with the highest price, and with manual sorting the best operators can achieve 85%. Based on my experience, I can say that a sawmill with a capacity of 100 000 m³ of sawn lumber pays for the investment of the scanner approximately within a year. Not to forget that the installation of the scanner eliminates the human factor, guaranteeing higher quality of all shipped products.”

What new does FinScan offer this year?

“We are introducing an additional software module for the next-generation BoardMasterNova scanners that allows the sorting of lumber by strength, up to the Strength Class C40 under the EN 338 standard. No mechanical changes are required on the sorting line. This module, as shown by the tests, is more efficient than mechanical systems, because FinScan sees a defect that reduces the strength of the board, and can decide to cut to get a shorter board of higher class. Implementation does not involve restructuring the existing system, the module is integrated into the already operating scanner in the sawmill.”

– Many sawmill managers prefer personal acquaintance and communication, which is possible at exhibitions. Where in Russia can they meet FinScan this year?

“We took part in the “Technodrev” exhibition in Krasnoyarsk and in the St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum earlier this year. We will also take part in Woodex in Moscow in December. I am sure that all those interested in the development of their sawmill’s productivity and visiting these exhibitions, will find a reliable option of modernization, which will significantly improve efficiency of work at our stand.”

“Come visit us at Woodex exhibition in December 3rd – 6th in Moscow. You will find us at booth D785 in hall 4 pavilion 1.”

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