Bird eye detection now in production use

07.10.2019 | News

FinScan’s customer-oriented product development, combined with a solid knowledge of the latest technologies has resulted in modern and efficient solutions for the sawmill industry over the years. Now our latest product development for BoardMaster,
the bird eye detection implemented with neural networks, is the first in the world in production use.

The bird eye detection was developed for market specific needs to Maderas Arauco Nueva Aldea sawmill in Chile. Bird eye defects are a crucial defect type in Chile’s main wood species radiata pine. FinScan has already utilized deep neural networks in their systems and now the technology is used for bird eye detection. The bird eye detection uses deep neural networks to detect bird eye from non-planed and planed wood. The bird eye detection ensures high grading accuracy, improved defect detection and delivers more reliable optimization results. The time-consuming defect detection training has already been done by our product development. The system doesn’t require any detection training from customer’s side and it can be taken into use directly.

FinScan bird eye detection uses neural networks in defect detection

FinScan bird eye detection of rough wood.

The BoardMasterNOVA was delivered to Maderas Arauco Nueva Aldea sawmill in Chile in 2018. It was FinScan’s second delivery to South-America. The first FinScan grading system was delivered to Uruguay in 2016. Contract with Maderas Arauco was made in summer 2018 and delivery was made in the end of 2018. BoardMaster was installed and taken into use in the sawmill’s dry sorting line in the beginning of 2019.

Maderas Arauco is the most significant producer of sawn timber in Chile and the eighth biggest producer of sawn timber in the world. Maderas Arauco produces approximately 4,5 million m³ of lumber per year. The company has eight sawmills in Chile and one in Argentina. Maderas Arauco is constantly updating its production lines. Increased speed and human errors in production were main reasons for the company to invest in automated grading system in their sawmill. FinScans BoardMaster was chosen from possible solutions due to its excellent grading results.