Optimized production, consistent quality and high value yield

Our fully automated grading systems ensure high value yield, full defect detection, value-optimized quality grading, increased production capacity and consistent quality. In addition, the systems manage even the most complex quality rules and monitor the validity of production ensuring optimal grading for various customer requirements.

Our grading systems are certified for strength grading and they include several special software modules for raw material analysis, remanufacturing and end-use of sawn timber.  Our scanners are used for example in edging, green grading, dry grading, planer lines and CLT lines. We utilize machine vision, artificial intelligence, laser and microwave technologies combined with intelligent software in our scanners to ensure as precise and effective grading as possible. Our continuos product development is based on close co-operation with our customers and partners.

Strength grading machines must always be complemented with a visual override inspection, done either by a human or a machine vision system like our BoardMaster grading system. Strength grading done by BoardMaster and certification by an authorized organization allows the sawmill to use CE marking in their sawn timber.


Completely new automated grading system for sawmills that ensures full analysis of sawn timber features and defects.


Board end camera that utilizes modern image handling technology to determine the value of sawn timber in production line.


Moisture meter of dry timber that analyzes moisture content and profile of boards in dry sorting lines, planing mills or remanufacturing of sawn timber.

Service and product development

Our experts provide our customers training, technical support and customer service in all our most important market areas.

Our wood species experience

Our wood species experience

Pine | Jack Pine | Eastern White Pine | Norway Pine | Lodgepole Pine
Radiata Pine | Maritime Pine | Ponderosa Pine | Southern Yellow Pine | Spruce
Fir | Douglas Fir | Balsam Fir | Larch, tamarack | Cedar | Western Hemlock

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