BoardMasterNOVA is an all new grading scanner.

In the new system the board is scanned from 10 different directions with latest MultiAngle and MultiFreq technologies. Both wide faces are scanned from three directions and the side faces twice in 45°. The new way of scanning ensures full analysis of all board features and defects. The form of the board can be analyzed in a more comprehensive way. With the new matrix cameras the new system has better accuracy, improved defect detection and more reliable optimization results.

In the BoardMasterNOVA the new type of matrix cameras communicate via gigabit Ethernet (GigE) with the fast computers. The system has HD user interface available in various languages. Long lasting LED-lights are used for stable illumination. The operator terminals range from 4” mobile terminals and handy pads to computer screens up to 42”.


BoardMaster versions

BoardMasterNOVA – a modern system for demanding applications
BoardMasterNOVA-N – system without a turning device

Benefits of BoardMaster

  • increases the value yield of the sawmill
  • increases the production capacity of the sawmill
  • optimizes the production according to raw material and customer requirements
  • manages complex production requirements
  • decreases human error in quality control and grading
  • secures constant quality of customer deliveries
  • reliable operation 24 hours a day

Key parameters analyzed by BoardMaster

  • board dimensions
  • knots, holes
  • wanes, splits, shakes
  • warp: bow, crook, and twist
  • blue stain, decay, rot
  • slope of grain
  • pitch pockets, bark
  • pith location
  • knot displacements, connections
  • knot area ratio: KAR, TKAR, or MKAR (knot area ratio, or total, or marginal)

BoardMaster main features

  • transverse transportation
  • matrix or line scan color camera scanning
  • laser thickness measurement
  • LED lights
  • operating speed up to 240 boards/minute
  • analysis of all sides and both ends in the one and same system
  • maximum measuring length 6200 mm
  • thickness of board 15–100 mm
  • width of board 75–300 mm
  • operating system Windows 7/8
  • electricity: 230 VAC/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz

Our wood species experience

Pine | Jack Pine | Eastern White Pine | Norway Pine | Lodgepole Pine
Radiata Pine | Maritime Pine | Ponderosa Pine | Southern Yellow Pine | Spruce
Fir | Douglas Fir | Balsam Fir | Larch, tamarack | Cedar | Western Hemlock

Several special software modules

FinScan grading systems include many special software modules for the analysis of the raw material, remanufacturing products, or for the end use of boards

  • shop grading
  • component grading
  • cut-in-two
  • ripping solutions
  • re-edging
  • sound knot grading
  • finger jointing
  • strength grading

Strength grading

The products of FinScan can be installed independently of, or together with strength grading machines, but a strength grading machine must always be complemented with a visual override inspection, done either by a human or a machine vision system like BoardMaster.

Strength grading by BoardMaster and certification by an authorized organization allows the sawmill to use CE marking.

  • visual strength grading
  • visual inspection of machine graded lumber
  • grading in accordance with the output control method
  • visual grading of dimensional lumber
  • visual sorting of lamellae (JAS) for glue laminated beams
  • pre-grading of green or dry boards

BoardMaster upgrades

All the improvements made to the BoardMaster HDL-version are available also for older BoardMaster versions.

By replacing the computers with a new and powerful one, old software versions can be upgraded with all the improvements made to the image processing and optimization programs and the user interface of the new HDL software. Devices such as smart phones and tablets can be used for monitoring the production. A 42” monitor can be placed next to the line for showing even more clearly the sorting results.

Image processing can be significantly improved and speeded up by replacing some electronic cards, and possibly obsolete cameras. The old fluorescent light tubes can be replaced with long lasting LED tubes, which save energy and reduce maintenance costs.