Complete analysis of sawn timber features

BoardMaster is an efficient and modern grading system for the analysis of features and defects of sawn timber. The system can be used for both green sorting and final sorting. BoardMaster enables high value yield, precise quality monitoring, increased production capacity, optimized production according to raw material and constant quality to customer deliveries.

The system is very user-friendly with intuitive interface and comprehensive web-report. In addition, it includes several special software modules for the analysis of the raw material, remanufacturing products and for the end use of boards. BoardMaster is certified for strength grading according to EN14081-2 standard.

BoardMasterNOVA optimizes and grades boards according to the given quality rules and provides accurate information for board trimming and sorting. With its new matrix cameras and their very high 0,25 mm² resolution, the systems accuracy, defect detection and optimization results are of first-class. BoardMasterNOVA includes Buzzard, an artificial intelligence solution for real-time defect detection, as a standard functionality. Due to the solution, the system detects defects like rot, blue stain and insect defects with great accuracy.

The latest BoardMasterNOVA measures the shape and dimensions of boards and analyses defects affecting quality of the board. The system measures every board from ten different directions with the help of led and infrared lights. The wide faces of the board are scanned from three directions and the side faces twice in 45-degree angle. The new way of scanning ensures a full analysis of the features and defects of sawn timber where for example warp deformations and cracks can be analyzed even more precisely.

The system has HD user interface available in various languages and the operator terminals range from 4” mobile terminals and handy pads to computer screens up to 42”. BoardMasterNOVA has comprehensive graphical reporting tools for operators, production planners and top management. BoardMasterNOVA-N system does not require turning of the board between the scanning frames which enables faster production speed.

Benefits of BoardMaster

  • increases value yield
  • precise quality control
  • increases production capacity
  • optimizes production according to raw material
  • secures constant quality on customer deliveries


  • Board dimensions
  • Knot types, sizes and amount
  • Wane
  • Deformation
  • Blue stain
  • Rot
  • Splits, shakes
  • Pitch pockets
  • Bark
  • Pith location


  • Transverse transportation
  • Matrix and line scan color cameras
  • LED+IR lights
  • Defect detection with AI
  • Laser thickness measurement
  • Operating speed up to 240 boards per minute
  • Analysis of all sides in one system
  • Operating system Windows 10
Several special software modules

FinScan grading systems include many special software modules for the analysis of the raw material, remanufacturing products, or for the end use of boards.

  • Strength grading
  • Component grading
  • Cut-in-two
  • Ripping solutions
  • Re-edging
  • Sound knot grading
  • Finger jointing
  • Shop grading


Strength grading

Our systems can be installed independently of, or together with strength grading machines, but a strength grading machine must always be complemented with a visual override inspection, done either by a human or a machine vision system like BoardMaster. Strength grading by BoardMaster and certification by an authorized organization allows the sawmill to use CE marking.

  • independent machine strength grading into C- and T-classes, as specified in the EN 14081 standard
  • visual override inspection for external strength grading machines
  • strength grading according to visual standards (INSTA 142, BS 4978)
  • grading of structural lumber according to the ALS/CLS standards
  • visual strength grading of gluelam products (JAS)


BoardMaster upgrades

Upgrades on BoardMaster HDL model are also available for older BoardMaster models.

There have been many improvements made on image handling and optimization as well as usability on the BoardMaster HDL version. Older versions of BoardMaster can easily be upgraded to a newer one during a computer change. All old computers can be replaced with one new and effective computer. After the upgrade and replacement of old computers it is possible to monitor BoardMaster system’s grading from mobile devices like a tablet or a smartphone. A large 42” screen can be placed next to the grading line in order to get the grading information even more clearly visible for the operators.

Image handling can be considerably improved by changing a few electronics cards and outdated cameras if necessary. Fluorescent lights can be replaced with long-lasting LED light beams that save energy and decrease maintenance expenses.   

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