Accurate and fast moisture analysis of sawn timber

MoistSpy moisture meter analyzes the moisture profile of sawn timber in green grading, final grading or remanufacturing plants. Accurate moisture measurement improves detection of drying errors and follow-up of drying process.

By combining MoistSpy moisture meter with BoardMaster grading system and EndSpy end camera, even more comprehensive information about the boards is achieved for sorting, optimization and strength grading.

Benefits of MoistSpy

  • fast and accurate moisture profile measurement
  • grading of drying errors
  • kiln monitoring
  • low need of maintenance


  • microwave GHz measurement
  • one-point calibration
  • non-contacting continuous measurement
  • operating speed up to 240 boards / minute
  • 1 to 8 sensor pairs
  • board dimensions: width min 75 mm, thickness 15-100 mm
  • moisture measuring range 5-25%
  • resolution +/- 0,1%

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