Service and product development

Customer-oriented service and product development

Excellent customer service and customer-oriented product development are in the center of our operations. Our professional staff and representatives offer training, technical support and customer service in all our most important market areas.

We offer among other things the following services to our customers:

  • installation and support in start-ups
  • operator training
  • technical support
  • spare parts
  • system upgrades

We invest strongly in customer-oriented product development that is based on close co-operation with our customers and partners. We are continuously developing our grading systems to meet our customers’ needs even better. All improvements in our grading systems are always at our customers disposal and possible to utilize even in our older models.

Do you also want consistent quality, production optimized for your customers’ needs and higher value yield on your sawn timber production?

We help both small and big saw mills in questions regarding visual strength grading and sawn timber sorting systems. Contact our experts and we can solve your grading related questions together.

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